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News and Highlights - 2020
17 August 2020
Lockdown Regulations eased to Level 2
The most important aspect of the relaxation of Covid control measures is the lifting of internal travel restrictions. This means that permits are no longer required for essential travel, which will greatly relieve the administrative burden on companies contemplating a return to production.

COVID-19 is still a reality!
While Police Permits are no longer required for travel to an audition, wisdom prevailing in most countries is to conduct first-round auditions via Self-Tapes.

Audition options in order of preference
1)  Self Tape and upload. You MUST read the "SELF-TAPE BASICS" guide on our WORKSHOPS Page  or as attached to the Brief you received.
2)  Virtual Guided Audition via Zoom or Skype with Christa or Richard -  by appointment only. The audition will be recorded at the Studio so that the actor can concentrate on performance. HOWEVER, the actor needs to ensure that his/her internet connection is fast and stable.
3) Studio auditions at the Johannesburg Highlands North “151” studio by appointment only or in Cape Town at Castserve Studio in Mowbray/Observatory by appointment only. Safety protocols will be followed as outlined in the Casting Protocol document described below.

Studio Auditions in a Time of COVID
In response to COVID-19, Casting Directors working in South Africa collaborated on identifying a set of practices which we would all follow when running conventional auditions in an Audition Studio venue.
The primary aim of this undertaking is obviously to ensure, as far as possible, the safety of the actors attending an audition and the Casting Director and the Studio team.
Practical hygienic principles applied to the cleanliness of the studio space are based on common-sense but we have obviously also followed guidelines outlined on various Government Health sites as well as general film industry protocols.
As it has become evident that the virus will probably be prevalent for the foreseeable future, the protocols will be adhered to for as long as necessary whilst making adjustments as per updated government recommendations.

The final, accepted version of the South African Casting Directors’ operating protocol is available on the SAGA site.

Various similar documents and articles related to safety on set may be of interest and can be found on the South African Screen Federation (SASFED) site:
The Independent Producers' Organisation (IPO) site:

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